Batman REFUSES to go to Superman's Funeral & His True Feelings for Superman (1)

The Real Reason Why Batman REFUSED To Go To Superman’s Funeral

The Reason Why Superman Was ‘Dead’

In the “Hereafter” – first aired on November 29, 2003, and is the forty-fifth and forty-sixth episodes of Justice League, a band of villains called Superman Revenge Squad comes together, devising a plan for revenge against Superman.

Their strategy leads to an unexpected attack on Metropolis, luring in the Man of Steel himself.

As they clash with the Justice League, Toyman unveils a surprising ace: a colossal toy robot armed with a beam that can erase anything it touches.

Despite multiple shots fired, tearing through the city, Superman manages to dodge the devastating beams.

However, in a tense moment, Toyman targets Batman and Wonder Woman.

Without hesitation, Superman steps in, absorbing the full force of the beam and vanishing into thin air.

Batman REFUSES to go to Superman's Funeral & His True Feelings for Superman (5)

This leaves his allies and the world in disbelief, mourning him as gone.

In the aftermath, while Wonder Woman, in a fit of rage, demolishes the menacing robot and confronts Toyman, it’s the Flash’s calming words that remind her of the values Superman stood for.

Yet, amidst the sorrow, Batman stands alone, skeptical of Superman’s demise.

He pores over the battle’s details, holding firm to the belief that nothing can simply vanish, referencing the principle that matter cannot be destroyed.

Batman REFUSES to go to Superman's Funeral & His True Feelings for Superman (7)

Disregarding invitations to the memorial service from Alfred and his fellow League members, Batman remains committed to uncovering the truth behind what happened to Superman.

Batman’s Actual Feelings Toward Clark

On a new hunch, Batman makes his way to Superman’s memorial, looking for clues.

When he doesn’t find anything, he starts to doubt his own theories, pondering if Superman might actually be gone.

In the solitude of the moment, Batman takes the chance to speak to Clark, confessing that despite their occasional disagreements, his respect and admiration for him have never wavered.

Batman REFUSES to go to Superman's Funeral & His True Feelings for Superman (3)

He shares how much he values the lessons Clark taught him and acknowledges he will truly miss him.

This heartfelt moment, however, is abruptly halted by an explosion close by. Batman is quick to spring into action, leaving his tribute behind to confront the supervillains causing chaos.


Batman harbors deep respect for Superman, valuing the lessons and principles he’s learned from him despite their differences.

This respect is coupled with a sense of loss and sorrow, as Batman contemplates the possibility that Superman might truly be gone.

His solitary tribute at Superman’s memorial reveals a softer side to Batman, showing his capacity for reflection and the expression of genuine emotions.

Yet, the sudden interruption of his tribute by an explosion symbolizes Batman’s commitment to their shared cause, underscoring his determination to continue fighting for justice, just as Superman would have wanted.


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