The Bruce Wayne That Deserved to Die

The Bruce Wayne That Deserved to Die

In the vast multiverse of comic book lore, it’s not unusual to stumble upon alternate realities where our favorite heroes take a darker path.

However, none are quite as chilling as the storyline from an obscure corner of the DC universe where Bruce Wayne transforms into a villainous version of Batman who, frankly, deserves his grim fate.

For those eager to dive deeper into the twisted world of this Bruce Wayne, be sure to check out Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 for the full storyline.

A Dark Beginning

Bruce’s journey into darkness begins in his childhood, marked by early signs of violent tendencies.

Despite these alarming traits, his guardian, Alfred Pennyworth, chooses to overlook them, hoping for a change that never comes.

This denial sets the stage for catastrophic events that reshape Gotham’s destiny.

This Bruce Wayne’s story takes a horrifying turn during what should have been a simple family outing.

When a mugger attempts to rob the Waynes, Bruce not only stabs the robber but shockingly turns on his own parents, murdering them coldly.

This act of extreme violence is just the beginning, as the story progresses, Bruce’s violent spree only escalates.

He cunningly eliminates anyone who suspects his sinister beginnings, including key figures like Commissioner Gordon, who seeks justice for the Wayne family’s murder.

His trusted butler Alfred, often the moral compass for Bruce in many narratives, also meets a tragic end at the hands of this monstrous version of Batman.

A Corrupted Crusader – The Robin King

Bruce’s transformation into the Robin King is sparked by a disturbing inspiration from a robin bird.

Misinterpreting the bird’s aggressive behavior as a call to dominance, Bruce adopts a twisted vigilante persona.

He begins amassing weapons and plotting the demise of superheroes in his universe, employing his genius intellect and mastery of gadgetry.

His plans are diabolical, for example, including a gruesome attack on the Flash.

By desecrating the corpse of Nora (who is Flash’s mother and plays an important role in his backstory) after acknowledging the Flash‘s identity and using it as a weapon, he creates a scenario that leads to the Flash’s excruciating death.

He covers Nora in the toxin that can isolate the Flash connection to the Speed Force and compresses the body into the Flash Ring, which bonds with the Flash after that and melts his muscles when he activates the ring.

This Batman’s insidious plan causes the Flash to die in extreme pain.

Despite his vast powers and strategic mind, the darkness Bruce unleashes eventually turns the world against him.

The reality of his deeds catalyzes a global manhunt. Heroes like Adam Strange, Balloon Buster, Enemy Ace, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman rally to stop him, only to be outsmarted and killed by Bruce’s deadly preparations.

Among the chaos, it’s Harley Quinn who sees through Bruce’s facade of a traumatized child.

When she confronts him at Wayne Manor, intending to end his reign of terror, Bruce is one step ahead and fatally shoots her first.

This confrontation is a poignant reminder of Bruce’s lost humanity and the depths of his depravity.

Spoiler Alert: He later meets “Batman Who Laughs”, and you all can imagine what is going to happen next.

Last Words

Typically, as Gotham’s savior, Batman excels at his job, defeating any villain he faces.

In many storylines, he even has a contingency plan for taking down all the Justice League heroes should they turn bad, which showcases how genius he is.

Yet, as a villain himself, this alternate reality Batman would undoubtedly become the greatest threat to superheroes everywhere.

His unchecked power and intelligence, used for malevolent purposes, could pose a catastrophic threat not only to other superheroes but to the world itself.

This alternate tale of Batman is a stark reminder of the thin line between heroism and villainy, and how easily it can be crossed when one’s moral compass is so devastatingly skewed.

It also makes us grateful for the Batman we know and respect – the one who, despite his dark approach, consistently chooses the path of righteousness.

What are your thoughts on this darker, more twisted version of Batman?

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