Penguin Knew Batman’s Identity

A fresh perspective sheds new light on Penguin’s dynamic with Batman, as depicted in a story that delves into their complex and largely unexplored past.

Oswald Cobblepot and the Dark Knight share a history that’s ripe for exploration, and a crucial piece of information could significantly impact their futures.

Penguin Knew Batman’s Identity (3)

In “The Penguin #7,” crafted by Tom King and Stevan Subic, the partnership between Penguin and Batman remains strong after more than a year.

However, beneath the surface, Cobblepot is scheming against Batman. He eliminates one of his own people to acquire contact details for someone known only as the Help.

Penguin Knew Batman’s Identity (5)

Credit: The Penguin #7(2024)

Penguin arranges a meeting with the Help and instructs him to carry out a task, no matter the cost. After a year of effort, the Help manages to obtain the information Penguin seeks.

It turns out, that the financier behind Penguin’s acquisition of the Iceberg Lounge is none other than Bruce Wayne.

Penguin Realized Batman Was Bruce Wayne Years Back

The Penguin wasn’t always known as the formidable crime boss instilling fear across Gotham’s underbelly.

Penguin Knew Batman’s Identity (2)

Long before, Oswald Cobblepot worked as a bartender under Carmine Falcone. Tired of the mistreatment and yearning for more power and wealth, Oswald decided to betray Falcone.

He started feeding Batman information to help dismantle Falcone’s criminal empire.

Oswald also cleverly got Batman to fund his purchase of the Iceberg Lounge, thereby securing a base from which he could continue to aid Batman, setting the stage for his eventual rise as the Penguin.

Penguin Knew Batman’s Identity (1)

Credit: The Penguin #1 (2023)

Hints that the Penguin knew Batman’s real identity appeared early in the comics.

In his first issue, a glimpse into the future shows Cobblepot calling Batman by his real name, Bruce.

It turns out Oswald had known Bruce’s secret for quite some time. The critical clue came when Oswald learned that Bruce financed the Iceberg Lounge.

Given Oswald’s sharp intellect, he likely figured out Batman’s true identity from this information alone.

This raises a compelling question: if the Penguin knows that Batman is indeed Bruce Wayne, why hasn’t he used this explosive information to his benefit yet?

What Does the Penguin Plan to Do with Batman’s Secret Identity?

The idea that the Penguin knows Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne is a significant detail he might have used to his advantage already.

Penguin Knew Batman’s Identity (7)

It’s possible he’s holding onto this secret for a critical moment. Although Penguin could have revealed this at any time to disrupt Batman’s efforts, he is a practical person.

He likely believes that keeping this information until it’s absolutely needed is a wiser strategy.

What Penguin plans to do with this secret is uncertain, but it’s clear that knowing Batman’s real identity could forever alter the destinies of both men.


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