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How Does Batman Who Laughs Become a God?

In the sprawling, shadow-draped corridors of the DC Universe, where heroes and villains clash in never-ending battles of ideals and power, there emerges a figure so sinister, so cunning, that his very existence sends shivers down the spines of even the mightiest.

This figure, known as the Batman Who Laughs, took a step beyond mere villainy, crossing into the realm of the divine.

Let’s dive into the chilling transformation of this dark character into a god – the darkest knight ever.

The Final Act of the Batman Who Laughs: A Sinister Transplant

To become a god, the Batman Who Laughs orchestrated a contingency plan so diabolical that it could only spring from the mind of a Bruce Wayne twisted by the Dark Multiverse.

His plan involved abducting a Bruce Wayne from another universe, one who had acquired the god-like powers of Dr. Manhattan.

However, before this alternate Bruce could fully realize his potential, the Batman Who Laughs lobotomized and hid him away, setting the stage for an unthinkable transformation.

Afterward, he faked his death at the hands of Wonder Woman.

Batman versus Wonder Woman

In a move that blurred the lines between brilliance and madness, the Dark Knights, under the Batman Who Laughs’ command, transplanted his brain into the lobotomized body of the omnipotent Bruce Wayne.

This fusion did not just grant him the incredible powers of Dr. Manhattan; it birthed a being of unfathomable darkness.

The Batman Who Laughs was no more; in his place stood the Darkest Knight, a god-like entity with the ability to warp reality to his twisted will.

The Darkest Knight Rises

With the powers of Dr. Manhattan coursing through him, the Darkest Knight’s ambitions knew no bounds.

He absorbed Wally West with the Manhattan powers, further augmenting his already god-like abilities.

dr.manhattan wally west

With this newfound power, he embarked on a dark crusade, creating worlds in his own malevolent image within the Dark Multiverse.

His transformation marked a new era, one where darkness reigned supreme, guided by the will of a god born from the depths of the nightmare.

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